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Ishikawa JET (IJET)[]

IJET is a group of individuals among the JET community who are responsible for many activities not necessarily related to their day-to-day jobs as an ALT. IJET is the main organizer of many social, charity, and sporting events for the whole of Ishikawa. Individuals participating in the committee must be committed, focused, and organized to ensure that everyone can benefit from the work they do.

There are various main positions within the IJET committee:

Co-President (2): Presidents are in charge of overseeing the planning and organization of official IJET activities and events. The presidents are ultimately the ones who say "yes" or "no", which means being actively engaged with the rest of the executive and committee members, and IJET membership at large to direct and manage the range of IJET events and activities.

Treasurer (1): The Treasurer coordinates collecting funds at events (when in attendance), or keeping tabs on the collection of money by regional representatives for prefectural or regional events when needed. Otherwise they will help executive and committee members when the council member(s) directly involved with an event want another pair of eyes to help plan or look over a budget.

Regional Representatives (6): (South 2, Central 2, North 2) Regional Representatives are mainly concerned with planning and assisting with events that occur in their region, as well as acting as in-betweens for fee collection for applicable IJET events. Possible events include welcome events for new ALTs and events designed to bring JETs from other areas to their region. The Regional Representatives are also responsible for sharing information about local events that JETs may be interested in both inside and outside of their region.

Southern Region – Kaga, Komatsu, Nomi, Kawakita
Central Region – Hakusan, Nonoichi, Kanazawa, Uchinada, Tsubata, Kahoku
Northern Region – from Suzu to Hodatsu-Shimizu

Webmaster (1): The Webmaster is in charge of routine maintenance, updates, backups, and organization of the content on the IJET wiki (this website). For the most part this will look like updating the pages within the wiki, occasionally checking for dead or broken links, and ensuring that the wiki is not abused.

Events & Contact[]

Events and info can be found on the Ishikawa JETs Facebook page. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions! Their contact e-mail is